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Chapter 7

Ever wondered what it would be like to become Mr Bennet, if only for a moment? Read on, imagining yourself as Mr Bennet; then, based on your knowledge of Pride & Prejudice, decide what you will do at the end of this chapter.

Much to Mrs Bennet’s displeasure, there is nothing to prevent Miss Lucas from making Mr Collins the happiest of men. When the nuptials are over, the new Mrs Collins departs for Hunsford; as she leaves, she extends a heartfelt invitation to Lizzy to visit her in March, along with Sir William Lucas and Maria, her sister.

As March approaches, however, you cannot bear to part with Elizabeth. Jane is in London, staying with your wife’s brother and his family. To be left with your wife and three youngest daughters is not to be contemplated. 

You decide to forbid Elizabeth from going to Hunsford OR you reluctantly allow her to visit the happy couple.

Which would Mr Bennet choose? Click on the link above and see if you're right.


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