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You convince Elizabeth that she will not be able to observe the Collins’s conjugal bliss without betraying her contempt for them both. And you know that she is partial to a certain George Wickham, who has recently arrived in Meryton to join the regiment. A delightful fellow, golden-haired and silver-tongued but with no actual gold or silver to his name, as far as you can tell.

Lizzy is happy to stay at Longbourn. You find out later that, if she had visited Hunsford, she would have met Mr Darcy who happened to be visiting his aunt, Lady Catherine de Bourgh. How fortunate, then, that this meeting was avoided.

Then, incomprehensibly, you allow Mr Wickham to marry Lizzy! You suspect that the man has hidden talents of persuasion, or perhaps even darker powers than yourself. To your horror, Lizzy accompanies her husband and the rest of the regiment to Newcastle. Not for long, however; the dashing Mr Wickham is killed in a duel with a mysterious masked challenger, and your beloved daughter returns to Longbourn to give birth to your first grandchild. 

The odd thing is, the boy grows up to look more like Mr Darcy than Mr Wickham ... 

Unfortunately, this brings our story to an untimely end! To keep the story going, try the other link here.

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