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Chapter 9

Ever wondered what it would be like to become Mr Bennet, if only for a moment? Read on, imagining yourself as Mr Bennet; then, based on your knowledge of Pride & Prejudice, decide what you will do at the end of this chapter.

The regiment are soon a distant memory. Even Mrs Bennet is restored to her usual querulous serenity; and by the middle of June Kitty is so much recovered as to be able to enter Meryton without bursting into tears.

Elizabeth, too, has rallied in anticipation of visiting the Lakes with her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner. At the last minute, however, the trip is delayed due to Mr Gardiner’s business matters. There will be insufficient time for their original Northern tour, and Mrs Gardiner proposes Derbyshire instead, in particular the village of Lambton where she once lived.

You perceive Elizabeth’s excessive disappointment at this news; you know she has set her heart on seeing the Lakes.

You decide to encourage her to go where her aunt and uncle propose, OR you offer to take her to the Lakes yourself.

Which would Mr Bennet choose? Click on the link above and see if you're right.


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