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You draw yourself up to your full height. “I am withholding my consent,” you declare impressively, omitting to explain you have other plans for Lizzy. For you have decided at last to initiate her in the dark arts, as soon as you can put her into the necessary trance.

Mr Darcy rants and storms about his love for Elizabeth, but you remain unmoved. He threatens to wait until she is of age, then they will marry without your consent. You incline your head, as if in agreement; in reality, you are fixing Mr Darcy with one of your special stares. He soon quietens and becomes docile enough for you to lead him out of the house and send him on his way, ensuring that he will never return. 

You console Lizzy as best you can, and start her instruction immediately. She is a quick learner of your skills, and appears not to regret the loss of Mr Darcy.

It is only two hundred years later, as you are about your business in the modern world, that you understand the full repercussions of this decision. It seems that the story of Lizzy is well known, and every female who reads it falls in love with the disagreeable Mr Darcy. Consequently, the man who prevented Lizzy from becoming Mrs Darcy has become an object of hatred. You make haste to change your identity, especially when you discover that the vampire race is enjoying a new surge of popularity.  

The name Edward Cullen will do very nicely ...

Unfortunately, this brings our story to an untimely end! To keep the story going, try the other link here.

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