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Chapter 13

Ever wondered what it would be like to become Mr Bennet, if only for a moment? Read on, imagining yourself as Mr Bennet; then, based on your knowledge of Pride & Prejudice, decide what you will do at the end of this chapter.

A few days after this visit, Mr Bingley calls again, and alone. (His friend has left him that morning for London, but is to return in ten days’ time.) He sits with the ladies above an hour, and is in remarkably good spirits. Mrs Bennet invites him to dine; but, with many expressions of concern, he confesses himself engaged elsewhere.

"Next time you call," says she, "I hope we shall be more lucky."

He declares himself to be particularly happy at any time; and if she will give him leave, he will take an early opportunity of waiting on them.

"Can you come to-morrow?"

Yes, he has no engagement at all for to-morrow; and her invitation is accepted with alacrity.

He comes the next day, in the same good spirits, and you retire to the library after tea to await his offer to Jane. Again, it is all in vain. Before he goes away, however, he engages to come next morning to shoot with you. You toy with the idea of holding a gun to his head to encourage him to embark on the state of matrimony ...

Bingley is punctual to his appointment, and you spend the morning with him. He is much more agreeable than you expected. There is nothing of presumption or folly in him that could provoke your ridicule, or disgust you into silence; and you are more communicative, and less eccentric, than usual. Bingley of course returns with you to dinner; and in the evening you retire a third time to your library, in expectation of him grasping the opportunity with both hands.

You do not have long to wait. There is a light tap at the door, and Mr Bingley almost dances into the room. “My dear Sir,” says he, breathlessly, “dare I presume - may I have your consent to marry Miss Bennet?”

You decide that withhold your consent OR give it gladly.

Which would Mr Bennet choose? Click on the link above and see if you're right.


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