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Anger is an unfamiliar feeling, and a great motivator. You will go to London and find your disgraced daughter even if it kills you, thereby handing Longbourn to Mr Collins on a plate! You feel excessive distress at the thought of so much inconvenience to yourself. 

Dear, sweet, gullible Jane attributes this distress to affection for Lydia. She fears that you will be too upset to pursue any measure in the best and safest way. Since Colonel Forster is obliged to be at Brighton again to-morrow evening, she offers to write again to Lizzy to ask the party to return immediately. She believes that her uncle's advice and assistance would be every thing in the world to you.

It is Jane-speak for “You are a useless father.”

You then learn that it is the general belief amongst your wife, daughters and Colonel Forster that, when you find Wickham, you will call him out in a duel!

Everyone knows Lydia too well to doubt that a thorough inspection of Wickham’s regimentals has already been completed - once, if not several times. She has no brothers to step forward, and so the family honour falls on your shoulders, which are known to slope steeply at the very thought of taking responsibility. 

You feign illness immediately and retire to your bed, OR keep to your plan of going to London.

Which would Mr Bennet choose? Click on the link above and see if you're right.

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