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2014 - Choc Lit Love Match Selection Book 2 - Kisses and Cupcakes: an e-book anthology featuring Juliet's short story Love Rules, where some of the characters from Austen's Northanger Abbey are transplanted into the 21st century. Instead of navigating a maze of manners in Regency society, Cat has to learn the ways of the workplace. But when it comes to her personal life, will love win over the office? Available from Amazon.



2013 - Global Jane Austen: Pleasure, Passion and Possessiveness in the Jane Austen Community, edited by Laurence Raw and Robert G. Dryden. Despite dying in relative obscurity, Jane Austen has become a global force as different readers across time, space, and media have responded to her work. This volume examines the ways in which her novels affect individual psychologies and how Janeites in both the English and non-English speaking worlds experience her work. In an interview with Laurence Raw, Juliet Archer describes how and why she has been inspired to modernise Jane Austen's classic novels. Available from Amazon.

2012 - Choc Lit Love Match: an e-book anthology featuring Juliet's short story Incense & Insensibility, about a modern-day Lady Catherine de Bourgh who meets her match in the new Vicar of Hunsford. Not Reverend Collins, but his replacement! Available from Amazon.

Review from an Amazon US reader: '[The] story with a Vicar made me laugh. Witty and sarcastic. Cute.'

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