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On updating Jane Austen's Emma

22 November 2013.  Audio updates

In this Juliet Archer audio update, Juliet explains how she updated "Emma" to her Jane Austen modernisation "The Importance of Being Emma" to reflect more contemporary mores and behaviours. Although the basis of the story holds true, some plotlines required an upgrade to resonate with a 21st Century audience....

Jane Austen Audio

Juliet Archer audio update:

1 November 2013.  Audio updates

In the first of a series of audio updates from Juliet Archer, she discusses the relevance of Jane Austen in the 21st century, using recent pop culture examples that have clearly taken their leaf, or several leaves, out of Ms Austen's books.

Jane Austen Audio
Jane Austen Audio

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Juliet Archer discusses "Persuade Me" in this audio update - her second novel in the "Darcy & Friends" series which, when complete, will include 21st century modernisations of all five Jane Austen novels. In this 2-minute audio Juliet focuses on the two main characters and how she changed their backgrounds and circumstances:

In her latest audio update Juliet Archer discusses her Jane Austen modernisations and what sets her apart from other modernisers and modernisations.

Juliet Archer discusses Persuade Me

6 December 2013.  Audio updates

Juliet Archer on her modernisations

15 November 2013.  Audio updates

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