Echoes of Emma

29 June 2015.  200 Years of Emma

This year Jane Austen’s Emma is in the spotlight as we celebrate two hundred years since its first publication. This means I find myself looking in all sorts of places for reminders of this classic novel. Watching a Royal Shakespeare Company production of The Merchant of Venice recently, I couldn’t help drawing parallels with Emma.

Emma Romola Garai

Emma: A Modern Retelling

1 June 2015.  The Importance of Being Emma

When writers modernise a classic, they face all sorts of decisions. What can be changed from the original, and what is sacrosanct? Which modern parallels are plausible, and which could even enhance the story? Who is the target audience – the purists, or a new set of readers, or both?



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This year, while Jane Austen’s Emma has its 200th birthday, one of its modern reincarnations is 20 years old.


Clueless, directed by Amy Heckerling, transported the insular community of Highbury, an early 19th-century English village, to a Beverley Hills high school.

The Crucible Theatre in Sheffield is a regular venue for championship snooker; that’s probably why my husband jumped at the chance of going there last weekend. Little did he know that, instead, his first visit would be to watch a dramatisation of Jane Austen’s best loved novel.

Clueless at Twenty

24 July 2015.  200 Years of Emma

Pride & Prejudice adapted by Simon Reade

8 June 2015.  Discovering Darcy


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